Photographing New Zealand

I love, love, love taking pictures with my camera, and I think that photography is a great way to remember my experiences. So I decided to make a blog post about taking pictures in New Zealand. I’m not a pro photographer at all, but it’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I just wanted to […]

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Police on a road trip

Yesterday we did a 4 hour drive from Kokatahi to Hanmer Springs. It was a pretty normal drive, except for one thing: cops had to stop us twice. The first time it happened was because my dad didn’t see the speed limit sign while we were driving through a residential area. My dad then didn’t […]

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Sleeping with my brothers

Sleeping with my brothers can be challenging for me. I was definitely not used to sharing a bed, much less a room with any of my brothers at the beginning of this trip. In Canada I had my own bed in my own big room. It probably felt big because I had it to myself. […]

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Our Day on April 14th 2019

ThisĀ  morning I got up at about 7:00. I watched a show on HGTV while eating breakfast. I got dressed, made my bed, brushed my teeth, before posting some pictures on my blog. Today we are going to Amethyst hot springs with our Host, his wife, and two kids. Our host is named Fred. After […]

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Our Day on April 13th 2019

After I woke I had some tea and ate some cereal. I then posted things on my blog until about 10:30 maybe. After a lazy morning we drove to the neighboring town, Hokitika, to play at a playground. It was pretty fun! We then had a lunch of PB & J. After that we drove […]

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Lucky Days

After a three hour drive we finally got to the tour boat docks in Milford sound. After getting our tickets, we waited a few minutes before boarding a big boat. Once we got to the seating area, we stood around for a bit before a crew member told us that we could all spread out, […]

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Driving in New Zealand

Let’s go back a bit: when we were in Australia, I didn’t really know what to expect for New Zealand. I thought, we would be driving everyday, it would be snowing all the time and there would be lots of hills. I was wrong about most of those things. There are only actually a few […]

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All about me

Hi, my name’s Jake. I am an eleven year old that has been travelling the world for the last eight months. I’ve been seeing the world with my parents and my three brothers. I was born in Canada, and I lived there since we started this trip on July 26th 2018. All of our stuff […]

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