Our Day on April 14th 2019

This  morning I got up at about 7:00. I watched a show on HGTV while eating breakfast. I got dressed, made my bed, brushed my teeth, before posting some pictures on my blog. Today we are going to Amethyst hot springs with our Host, his wife, and two kids. Our host is named Fred. After about an hour drive, we got to a parking lot near the hot springs. We walked a little bit before we ran into a problem: the whole road was washed away by the river leaving a big cliff where the road used to be. So we crawled under a electric fence and walked a different path. When we got to the hot pools area there was know one, except for the ten of us. The hot springs was pretty much a stream beside a big rushing river (the one that washed away the road).  The stream was quite warm, and the bottom is really smooth sand. For most of our time at the hot springs I worked on a big wall in the water.

Owen and Eli building in the hot springs

I made it out of moist clay and big, heavy stones. Ben and Eli also helped me. After a snack lunch at the river we drove back to Tui BNB. We then had a quiet time, like yesterday. Since it was the evening already, we ate a dinner of leftovers. We watched HGTV after dinner. By the way my mom really likes HGTV, so we watch it all the time. I really liked the hot springs today.

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