Lucky Days

After a three hour drive we finally got to the tour boat docks in Milford sound. After getting our tickets, we waited a few minutes before boarding a big boat. Once we got to the seating area, we stood around for a bit before a crew member told us that we could all spread out, because it was just us, and two other people. I’m guessing about 80 people could fit on the boat, but it was just the eight of us! I was really excited about having the whole boat to ourselves, pretty much. This was one of our lucky days.

Our boat

After we got some free, delicious, hot chocolate I went out to the top deck (outside) and enjoyed the view. I took lots of pictures of fur seals, waterfalls, and the mountains.

On top of having a pretty much private tour, we had a great nature guide. She told us lots of great information about Milford Sound and New Zealand.

We also had a fantastic captain! He even let us sit in his “captain’s chair”. The funniest part of the chair was that he had a little tiny joystick for steering built into his arm rest.

Captain’s Chair

The company that did our tour was Real Journeys. They are very good to inform us with lots of information. That was our second tour by them. They don’t just do tours in Milford Sound, they do tours all over the South Island.

Tour Company

Not everyday we get really lucky like we did there. So I enjoyed, was happy, and took lots of pictures😁!

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