Starting our New Zealand road trip

Right now I’m in New Zealand. Today we really started our month long road trip! Earlier, we drove from a cool little AirBNB in Christchurch to a beautiful lake called lake Tekapo. It was as blue as a fancy swimming pool. According to my mom, the lake was so blue because of the ice from glaciers falling into the lake. I thought it was really cool. It is an awesome stop if you are road tripping this part of the south Island. After taking some cool pictures we ate a picnic lunch. We thought that it was so cold at lunch, even though it was only 15 degrees. We lost our cold tolerance from Canada unfortunately. after lunch we played at a playground right beside the water. We slid down on a big slide and went down some great ziplines! We then drove another 45 minutes to our AirBNB in a town called Twizel. That was the beginning of our New Zealand road trip, and I hope to be posting more within the next month.

Lake Tekapo

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