Police on a road trip

Yesterday we did a 4 hour drive from Kokatahi to Hanmer Springs. It was a pretty normal drive, except for one thing: cops had to stop us twice.

The first time it happened was because my dad didn’t see the speed limit sign while we were driving through a residential area. My dad then didn’t see a cop car pulled over by the side of the road. When the police officer saw our white van speeding through the town it switched it’s sirens on. We pulled over onto a small side street and the red police car pulled up behind us. The officer said that the speed limit was 50 kilometers per hour through the residential area. We were going 85!  Luckily she did not fine us. She said that since we were from a different country it would be hard to give us a ticket. If she wanted to fine us it would have been about $400 (cad). We were super lucky that we didn’t have to pay. We then drove for another half an hour to the Pancakes Rocks.

The Pancake Rocks were pretty cool! They didn’t really look like pancakes. They were huge columns of layered stone. The rocks looked cool though. They were formed under the ocean floor millions of years ago. They formed because of the pressure underneath the water, and that pushed the sand together over time. They were slowly getting taller. Plankton were also crushed into these massive columns. About a 100,000 years ago they raised out of the sea. Some of them were like 80 feet tall.

After driving from the Pancake Rocks, we stopped for lunch at a picnic table on the side of the road. While we were eating cheese and crackers etc. my dad wanted to fly is drone. He has a DJI Mavic air. While he was taking a shot of us eating lunch a police car pulled up to the picnic table and  the officer started talking to my dad. Apparently you can’t fly drones anywhere in New Zealand, unless you ask the land owner of where your flying for permission. Again, luckily he didn’t fine us.

After the second incident, we drove another three hours to  Hanmer Springs. For dinner we ate store bought tortellini. It was really good. Yesterday was kind of scary, but at least we didn’t get fined!

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