All about me

Family shot at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hi, my name’s Jake. I am an eleven year old that has been travelling the world for the last eight months. I’ve been seeing the world with my parents and my three brothers. I was born in Canada, and I lived there since we started this trip on July 26th 2018. All of our stuff we travel with are in our in backpacks.

We are backpackers, no suitcases or anything like that. Before we left we sold our house and most of our stuff. I even sold stuff as well. I then packed all the things I wanted to keep into one rubber made bin. That sounded like a tiny amount when I lived back in the suburbs of Ontario, but now I think that I might only use about half the stuff in there when we move back in the summer.

The countries we’ve been to so far are Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Czechia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, and now New Zealand.

In, new Zealand we’ll be only staying in places a couple of nights each. In southeast Asia we stayed a week or two in each place, that was also the same for most of our European countries. The longest we stayed in a place was a month and a half. That was in Turkey. We arrived in Turkey on November 1st. I had a fantastic time in Istanbul, which is where we stayed for the whole month and a half. In my opinion I like to stay in places longer, because I like to settle in and really get to know the area we are staying.

After we finish up our month in New Zealand we are going to take a 12 hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We then go to Chile. I’m not sure what other countries we are doing in South America, but I’m pretty sure we are going to Mexico after. We then plan to fly to Vancouver and buy a car. Like New Zealand, we are going to road trip across Canada and then buy a house about an hour drive from where we used to live.

Well, those are the plans for the rest of our global adventure, so I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Some of my favorite hobbies are building Lego, fishing, camping, writing, and hiking.  I’m not really sure how else to describe myself…

Well I decided to make this blog post because I thought it would make sense if you knew a little bit about the writer who writes on this blog. In the next little while I’ll be posting more about my travels.

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    1. Thanks a lot Evelyn. I’m glad you like my pictures! I have more pictures on my pictures page. To get to it you have to click on the menu button on my blog, and then you will see a bar that says pictures. Let me know if you want to see more of a certain type of photo. I appreciate the feedback, thanks Evelyn.

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