Photographing New Zealand

I love, love, love taking pictures with my camera, and I think that photography is a great way to remember my experiences. So I decided to make a blog post about taking pictures in New Zealand.

I’m not a pro photographer at all, but it’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I just wanted to let you know a few things about photographing New Zealand. Since this country is full of wildlife and has so many exotic plants such as mushrooms, algae, berries, and so much more, I try to take lots of macro shots. Macro shots are really closeup pictures with a blurred background. Most cameras have some sort of macro mode, but my camera doesn’t, so what I usually do is get right up close to my subject, make sure that my camera is focusing on the subject, not the background, and snap the picture. When the camera focuses only on the subject it always blurs the background, and that helps you’re eye only focus on your object and not other things in the background.  I always take my macro shots in AutoMode because that’s easier for me, but you can always do it in Manual.

Grass Macro
Berry Macro

I think macro shots are good to capture a lot of the plants in New Zealand, because the shot only focuses on one thing, and you never have a whole bunch of things in the background that your eye goes off to.

Another thing about photographing in New Zealand is the “the tic-tac-toe board” technique. If you have never heard of this phrase before, I’ll explain it to you. Pretend, when you’re taking a picture, that there’s a tic-tac-toe board on your camera screen, and you know how the board is divided into thirds, and on the lines in between every space is usually your eye’s focal point. So when taking a picture of, let’s say of a water bottle, you would try to position your camera, so that the water bottle is near, or on, one of the one third lines on the framing grid (tic-tac-toe board). This usually looks better than having your subject in the middle, but you can experiment, with this technique, if does not work with your subject. The framing grid is helpful in New Zealand, because of all of the cliffs here. I like to put the edge of a cliff on one of my camera’s focal points. This also helps when you are taking pictures, of the many mountains here. Don’t forget that there are also horizontal one third lines. When you take a picture of a mountain landscape, it can look good if you put the top of the mountain on one of the horizontal focal point lines. Some cameras do have a setting that actually puts the framing grid on the LCD screen when taking pictures. With my camera, it activates the framing grid by pressing the display button. It could be different for all cameras tough.

Overall, I think that photography is absolutely great, and that that pretty much anyone can do it. If you are going to New Zealand, it’s good to bring something that can take photos: phones, tablets, etc.

Side note: If you want to see some of my pictures that I have taken all over the world you can see my pictures page. Feel free to comment on my blog posts and even on my pictures page, because I do appreciate feedback on my photos and on my writing.📷📃👍

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