Sleeping with my brothers

Sleeping with my brothers can be challenging for me. I was definitely not used to sharing a bed, much less a room with any of my brothers at the beginning of this trip. In Canada I had my own bed in my own big room. It probably felt big because I had it to myself.

Now that we’re on this trip I’ve been sharing a room every single place we go to, pretty much. I definitely don’t prefer to share rooms with my brothers, but that’s the reality if you’re traveling the world as a family of six.

All my brothers are different when they share a room with me. They do annoying stuff, loud stuff, and my favorite: absolutely nothing. Now I’ll tell you a little about each of my brothers when sharing rooms.


Eli is the youngest in our family. I don’t share a room with him that often. Even though he is the youngest he snores occasionally.  He loves to talk a lot which can be annoying if I’m trying to go to sleep. He also talks while he’s sleeping. One of the great things about Eli is that he goes to sleep pretty fast. Since I’m the second oldest, I get to stay up in the living room to read with Owen, I then sneak into the bedroom I that I share. Eli is usually asleep, so I don’t mind sharing with him.


Ben is the second youngest in my family. Unlike Eli, Ben stays up about as late as I do. He is 9 years old. I really like sharing with Ben at the moment. When we wake up in the morning, and it’s too early to turn our light on, we just talk about Lego. We do that all the time. He doesn’t roll around, or toss and turn. Sometimes he talks in his sleep like Eli, but very rarely. He’s a good room mate.


Owen is the oldest out of all the kids. He is one year and four days older than me. He is 12. When I share a room with him, he can do some annoying things, he also talks a lot like Eli. He reads so much, so when I share a room with him he tries to tell me all the things he’s read that day, also known as thousands of words. Sometimes he just goes to sleep pretty fast. These days I don’t share a room that often with him, so it’s pretty good. It also helps to use silicone earplugs to drown him out.


Now for me. I’m not perfect by any means when sharing bedroom with my bros. I sometimes steal the blanket from my  brothers, while I’m asleep. I also reenact Karate Kid 2 some nights, A.K.A I toss and turn, and kick, and roll in my sleep. I used to, when I was bored at night, make annoying sounds with my mouth, but I try not to do that anymore because I got in trouble for it twice. I’m not to bad at being good while sharing a room though. When one of my brothers want to go to sleep I try to stay quiet.

Overall it can be difficult to share rooms for me, but it’s good that I have lots of brothers, in case I get tired of one and want to share with another one.

With a great trip, comes great sleepability. Terrible joke, I know…

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