Our Day on April 13th 2019

After I woke I had some tea and ate some cereal. I then posted things on my blog until about 10:30 maybe. After a lazy morning we drove to the neighboring town, Hokitika, to play at a playground. It was pretty fun!

We then had a lunch of PB & J. After that we drove to a hike. It was a pretty steep climb to get up. The path was not really a path that we we’re used to it. There were rocks and lots of slippery/muddy parts. It was okay though because I enjoy when you have to jumps on rocks and stuff on the trail. My brothers and I got in trouble a few times for taking sticks and putting mud on the end and then flinging the mud on to nearby trees. It was fun though. When we got to the halfway point of the 90 minute hike we started then walking back down.

Cool blue mushroom that we saw on the hike

My brother Ben and I talked about Lego. Mostly about the creations we’ll make when we go back to Canada. We miss our Lego. After the hike we drove to the beach and ate some cookies. On the beach we climbed some big rocks.


After our big outing we went back to our AirBNB for a rest. I played with Ben because I shared a room with him, my parents napped in the meantime After quiet time I went to jump on the trampoline in the backyard with Ben. By the way Ben is not my only brother. I have two other ones: Owen and Eli. For dinner we had chili and salad. We then watched a pretty awesome TV show on HGTV before bed. I enjoyed that day.

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