COVID-19 April 20 2020

This virus is so annoying. I don’t know how one person could be enjoying these times, oh wait I know who: the owners of the mask making companies, they might be enjoying this. I doubt it though. Again it’s been a while since I posted last, almost a month! For some reason it felt like […]

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COVID-19 March 27 2020

I know I always say this, I know I haven’t posted in a while, blah blah blah. Let’s skip that part this time. I wanted to write about the coronavirus on my blog mainly so I can look back on it when I’m a grown up and be like “that’s how I felt during the […]

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Alpacas, Llamas, and Weaving

Peru is absolutely amazing! To be honest, Peru is probably my favorite country in South America. I absolutely love it here. Right now I’m in Cusco, Peru. We are about 3.5 kilometers above sea level. Feeling a little bit sick today. We arrived in Cusco three days ago. We took a train from Aguas Calientes […]

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A few days ago I dived into the learning curve of learning Spanish. I then got thinking that if I really enjoy learning languages, maybe other people would like to as well.  So I’m writing this post about why and how I learn languages. I began learning Spanish because we are spending the next two […]

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What I pack

I’m just saying that I don’t actually have that much stuff in my backpack, so I thought it would be pretty easy to write a blog post about what I pack and how I pack. This may be interesting if you are planning a backpacking trip. In terms of clothes I have four T-shirts, seven […]

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Sleeping with my brothers

Sleeping with my brothers can be challenging for me. I was definitely not used to sharing a bed, much less a room with any of my brothers at the beginning of this trip. In Canada I had my own bed in my own big room. It probably felt big because I had it to myself. […]

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Driving in New Zealand

Let’s go back a bit: when we were in Australia, I didn’t really know what to expect for New Zealand. I thought, we would be driving everyday, it would be snowing all the time and there would be lots of hills. I was wrong about most of those things. There are only actually a few […]

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