Picton, Ontario, Canada

I’m not really used to writing blog posts that aren’t about our exciting adventures travelling. Those were pretty easy because you can just write about what you do in one day, and that almost always makes a good post. I still love writing though so now I write about other things. Today’s post will be about the town I live in, Picton.

Picton is located in south east Ontario. We live to blocks from Main Street, which is where all the businesses are. I really like how close we are to downtown. The population of Picton is only 5000, very small. Which in my opinion is better than a bigger city.

Picton is part of a place called Prince Edward County, which has multiple little towns all over. Prince Edward County is technically a big island, but it’s really close to the main part of Canada. You just have to cross a bridge or take an eight minute ferry ride, that goes all year around even when the water is frozen, which is really helpful for the people who take it to work every day.

Glenora Ferry

Our house is very close to the water, only a two minute drive to the boat launch (great for fishing). I love fishing so much, so it’s so convenient to have it right there. In the fall we went walleye fishing all the time. It was really cold, but I still liked it because when we caught fish they were big ones, and I like being outside.

My big walleye in December

Another thing about this amazing place is that it’s not too busy to ride my bike. I love to go on hour long bike rides just exploring different parts of Picton. It’s also not too busy so I can cross streets without worrying that I might get run over by a car. In the summer it’s supposed to get really busy here with tourists. We didn’t live here in the summer, so we don’t know exactly what it’s like yet.

It’s so busy here in the summer because of Sandbanks national park, our beaches, the fishing, the hiking, the wineries, and how nice our town is. It will be interesting to see tourists in Picton after being a tourist in other towns around the world. I’m actually a little looking forward to seeing what it’s like here in the summer. It’s weird.

One of my favourite places in this town is the library! Located on main street, the library has so many different resources for this small town. Our library has two 3D printers, a laser cutter, an embroidery machine, and a whole computer lab. They also offer help with technology, free of charge. Before we got our own 3D printer we used theirs to print a few things. Right now the library is raising money to do a multi million dollar addition. They have already raised over a million dollars, and they need a little over a million to go. I’m so excited for when it’s done. It’ll be a while until they start construction though. The staff at the library are really friendly to my brothers and I, they see us quite often as we go to the library a lot.

Picton Library

In Picton there is even a radio station which is really popular. My brothers and I went and got a tour of the station before, and I spoke on the radio! The station is 99.3 and people call it County FM. The station was built by volunteers, and our neighbour actually started it a while ago. Only volunteers work at the radio station, so nobody gets paid at all which I find really amazing!

Also in this town we have a theatre, called the Regent theatre. I have never seen a movie there, but a lot of people say it’s a really good experience. It’s one of those really old theatres that look pretty cool. They put on performances, play old movies, and some newer movies as well. I really hope we go and see a movie there someday.

Regent Theatre

In Picton we also have a carnival every year on the Picton fairgrounds which is really close to our house, on the property there is an arena, a skate park,  a playground, a splash pad and a whole bunch of space for the rides when the fair is on! In the good weather my brothers and I ride our bikes to the skate park and spend hours there. 

Overall this place is absolutely amazing, and if you are ever doing a road trip to this part of Canada I highly recommend coming here. Well that’s it, for now. 

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