It’s Been a While

YesI know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post. You’ve probably wondered if I was ever going to write a post again. Sometimes I wonder about that too, but I love writing so I said to myself that’s not going to happen, so here I am.

So much has changed since I’ve last posted which was when I was in South America! After that my family and I spent three weeks in Mexico, we had lots of fun in Mexico city, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. After that we went to our final destination of our trip which was Vancouver, Canada. We wanted to go there because my mom’s sister lives there, and my four cousins who are about all the same age as my brothers and I. We spent about ten days there. We stayed at their century home, a bus ride away from downtown Vancouver. We planned to do a road trip across Canada to our home province Ontario, but my parents were too anxious to get a house, so we flew. 

When we arrived back in our home town Whitby we stayed at my Nana and Papa’s house for six weeks, because we didn’t have a house. Soon enough my parents bought a house two hours away from Whitby in a town called Picton. My mom’s cousin moved here a few years before from Toronto, the biggest city in Canada. She and her husband love it here. We do too.

Our house is smaller than our last one, two bathrooms, instead of four, four bedrooms instead of five, and a smaller kitchen and living room. We all love our one hundred and fifty year old home though. One of the best parts about our property is in our backyard we have a building which in the bottom is my dad’s woodworking shop, but on the floor above is an amazing apartment that has a TV a king bed and a bathroom, with a shower. 

I have to share a room with my ten year old brother Ben. I’m twelve now by the way. Ben is a really good brother to share a room with, even though we do bicker once in a while he would be my first choice out of all three of my brothers to share a room with. It’s not bad, our room is really big, we have our own beds, and we have a curtain that slides across in between our beds, for night time.

One of the other big things that are different since before our trip is that we are homeschooled now. Which I absolutely love. Together we have come up with a system that works really well for us. Every morning my brothers and I do an hour and a half of work, on our computers or in books. We also learn throughout the day as well by choice. We all love learning so it’s actually really fun.

Right now in Canada it’s winter, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of ice fishing. Fishing is one of my favourite things to do. Before we even moved into our house my dad bought a used sixteen foot boat. We live in a place that is famous for its fishing. It’s a body of water called Bay of Quinte.

For Christmas this year our family got a 3D printer which is one of my favourite things in this house. There’s rarely a time when there is not something getting printed. 

Our new life is really great, and different. Though I do miss travelling I also love having a house. 

I’m glad I wrote this post, because it was really fun. I hope to write more.

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