Our Day on May 25th 2019: Horseback Riding!

Hello from Mexico City! Yeah I’m in Mexico! I arrived on June 6th, well actually June 7th because it was 2:00 in the morning when we arrived at our 20th floor apartment. I love it here! It’s so cool.

Well, about two weeks ago we were in Urubamba, Peu. Urubamba is a town in Sacred Valley. On the third full day we were there (our last) we decided to go horseback riding!

This was actually my first time being on a horse. I was really scared, because I am small and horses are big. I was really nervous on our drive to Frontier Lab.

Frontier Lab is the horse riding place we were going to. The person who runs the place is a Canadian named Kyd. She’s from Quebec.

After I got on my horse I was feeling a little bit better. I learned quickly that we weren’t going to be riding around some ranch, we were going on a two hour trek on some gravel roads! I was really excited and nervous, but mostly excited.

After a few minutes of riding I became comfortable with my horse. I had a black one, I forget his name though, but I know he was a boy. A few times my horse went too fast and began passing everyone else! Then I realized that I had to say hola to my horse and that calmed him down.

At the halfway point we stopped and explored some pre inca houses. I thought it was really interesting that only 10 years ago people were still living in those same houses, but they were forced to move away because of a fire. We could still go in them because they were mostly made out of stone

After letting our horses have a snack break we turned around, and went back the way we came. I had fun steering the horse around holes in the roads. When we passed by any dogs they either started barking at us like crazy, or just ran away scared of the big animals. On the way back I got the hang of riding with one hand.

After the two hours was up I was kind of sad actually, because I really loved riding. After getting off our horses we ate a snack. I then almost passed out. And while I was laying on the ground, my brother Eli totally passed out!

After waiting twenty minutes, we walked to the main road and took a moto taxi (tuk-tuk) back to our the town and ate some lunch at a restaurant for $14.40 (american). We each had a chicken leg, soup, fries, and a salad. For only 8 soles each.

The funny thing was, we met Kyd and her daughter at the same restaurant that night for dinner!

Well, overall horseback riding was amazing. It was so fun! Kyd is really nice, and her horses are especially healthy and really well behaved. That was one of the most memorable parts of Peru.

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