Buenos Aires

Yeah, so this is my first blogpost in two or three weeks. I fell a little bit behind in blogging because of multiple reasons. So I’m writing a post now.

Right now I’m in Lima, Peru. Before Peru we were in Santiago, Chile, and before that we were in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I haven’t posted a single blogpost in Argentina, so I decided to write one about our whole entire stay there.

We arrived in Buenos Aires on April 28th from Auckland, New Zealand. It was a 16 hour time difference, ugh… after getting out of the Airport we took a taxi to our AirBNB. It was about an hour long car drive. It went by pretty fast though.

Our apartment was on the fourth floor of a very old building. A few minutes after arriving we met our host, who didn’t speak a lick of English, but luckily we learned a little bit of Spanish in New Zealand, so we understood a fraction of what she was saying.

After our host left we unpacked a little and went out to find dinner. We needed cash though, so we went to one bank machine. Our bank card didn’t work. We tried two or three other machines and it still didn’t work, so after about ten minutes of searching we found a pizza restaurant that took credit card. We ate a delicious salad and two pizzas.

Well anyways that was our first night. At about four in the morning I was wide awake, starving. I’m guessing it was about supper time in New Zealand when I was awake. That’s probably why I was up that early.

We ended up getting some cash the next day from a different bank machine. There weren’t many activities in Buenos Aires, well at least not cheap enough for us, so we did a free walking tour. It was kind of boring, though, and I couldn’t really understand the guide’s words through his thick Spanish accent. We also had a group of about 50 people! During our tour I saw a motorcycle crash right behind me. Nobody was hurt, but it was kind of scary.  We ended up leaving early because my mom was too tired, and our walking tour was going overtime.

Another activity we did was Museo de los Niño’s. Translation to English: Museum of Children. It was really fun. We spent about six hours there. It is kind of like a cheaper version of Kidzania, if you’ve heard of it. We had to do jobs and stuff that grownups always do, but kid size. There was a supermarket, a McDonalds, a car dealership, a construction site, a school, a radio broadcast room, and so much more. There is also a small little playground there too. Museo de los Niño’s is in a mall. It is the best museum I’ve been to in my life!

The pizza in Buenos Aires is amazing, you must try it. I really love their Neapolitan and their Fugazza. Also, you should try some of the desserts you just find at the grocery store, they are so good. By the way, pretty much all of the cookies have caramel inside.

One of the nights in Buenos Aires we had a black out.  It started at about 5:00 PM and our host said it would last until about 10:00 PM. We were given flashlights and candles. For dinner we ate cold cheese empanadas. We also had vegetables, cheese and crackers. Nothing like a candle light dinner… The power did go on at about 9:30. 

During our tiresome days we went to the playground, and watched “The Flash” on Netflix mostly. My brother’s and I played a card game called Monopoly Deal. It’s so fun, and quick. We stayed in Buenos Aires for a week, before flying to Santiago.

I didn’t take any pictures there, because it’s not very picturesque.

Overall Argentina was amazing. Highly recommend going to Buenos Aires (and trying the pizza there). Just saying: beware of pick pocketers.

I hope to post a blogpost next about Santiago, Chile. It’s a wonderful city!


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