A few days ago I dived into the learning curve of learning Spanish. I then got thinking that if I really enjoy learning languages, maybe other people would like to as well.  So I’m writing this post about why and how I learn languages.


I began learning Spanish because we are spending the next two months of this trip in Spanish speaking countries. I was motivated to learn this language because I love learning different languages and I will be able to speak Spanish for the next two months.

You are probably wondering how I learn languages. Super simple, I use Duolingo. Duolingo is an app/website that teaches you many, many languages. Not only does it teach you languages it also makes it really fun. I’ve learned some Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Polish, and French on Duolingo.


In this amazing app you can earn XP and spend this currency called Lingots that you earn from completing lessons. You can spend them on new bonus lessons. I love Duolingo so much, because it helps you memorize, speak, read, and translate the language you’re learning.

Also, learning a language is not just something that you do so you can say you did it, but it also helps you speak with locals, read things in a foreign country, and it’s something fun to do in your spare time.

I’m still surprised by this: Duolingo is completely free! If you work on a language for as little as fifteen minutes everyday you can actually become fluent in a language.

If I have already convinced you to learn a language then I’m not bad at persuading, just joking. The languages I found quite easy were Czech, and Italian, but it’s different for everybody. By the way if your first language is not English, that’s okay because Duolingo teaches languages for non-English speakers.

Anyways I encourage everyone to learn a language.

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