What I pack

I’m just saying that I don’t actually have that much stuff in my backpack, so I thought it would be pretty easy to write a blog post about what I pack and how I pack. This may be interesting if you are planning a backpacking trip.

In terms of clothes I have four T-shirts, seven pairs of socks (too much), two long sleeves, one pair of jogging pants, one pair of stretchy jeans, four pairs of under wear, and two pairs of shorts. I also have a K-way, which is an extra light rain coat that packs up super small. I have two hats: a ball cap, and a toque.

Quite a few of those items have been bought on this trip or replaced in other countries.

My backpack that I stuff all my things into is a Vaude Bike Alpin 25+5. I love my backpack because you can access anything inside the main compartment from a zipper on the bottom of my pack. It is a 25 liter bag, but can extend to 30 liters, hence the 25+5.

My clothes aren’t all floating around loose in my backpack, I put them into packing cubes. I have two of them. I roll my clothes super tight into cylinder shapes and then I put them in a nice neat row in my packing cube. I like using packing cubes because they really help organize my backpack.

Toys. I don’t actually have toys, except for my Plus-Plus and my Rubik’s cube. You’re probably wondering what the heck Plus-Plus is. Well it’s kind of like a travel version of Lego (I love Lego). A Plus-Plus piece is a tiny little plastic double plus shape. You can put together to make pretty much anything. It’s kind of impressive what you can do with the one piece. It’s not like Lego where there is a whole bunch of different pieces, it’s just one shape and one size. I still think Lego is better, but Plus-Plus is great for travelling.

Plus-Plus Piece

You maybe wondering: Jake, if you only have two toys what do you do on plane rides, bus rides and times when you’re just bored? Well, I love to listen to music. I just have an iPod Nano and I love to listen to music and podcasts. One of my favorite podcasts is one called Science Vs. I download them off the iTunes store on my computer. You can also I download this podcast from their website.

I also love to draw and sketch in my notebook, it makes time go by pretty fast. I enjoy reading on my Kobo (Canadian version of Kindle). Currently I’m reading The Hobbit. You probably know I like to take pictures, so I try to take cool shots out of airplane windows. That’s pretty much all the things I like to do when I’m bored.

Packing. When I pack up my backpack I try to put the biggest and heaviest things in the bottom of my bag. It helps to spread smaller things out to little side pockets and other pouches.

Also, I don’t pack all of my stuff into my big backpack, I also have a smaller backpack that I call my daypack. That’s what I carry my computer, my notebook, my pencils, my camera, and my iPod in for flights and stuff.

Well I hope this blog was helpful. You can ask any questions about packing in the comments. I think you can comment on the bottom of my blogpost.🤷‍♂️

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